Our little girl, Bianka was born with on week 38 with Cesarian, no complications. Immediately after birth she was diagnosed with a hole in her heart. She was taken to a infant care center, where she's got 3 infections. Due to the infections there was a cyst developed in her brain, and as a result of the cyst she's got coordinations and balance problem, and epileptic seizures. She was on medication (3 different pills) when a friend of ours suggested to try CranioSacral Therapy.

The first treatment was effective beyond our expectations. Bianka's balance improved considerably, and the seizures what she experienced several times a week had gone. In co-operation with our neurologist we have decreised the medication gradually, and today Bianka is a happy little girl with no medication and no epileptic seizures. We are very greatful for haveing Orsi as our therapist and we are belssed to get to know this wonderful method.

Bius szülei

Dear Orsolya, I went to see you with my 9-month old little girl, who was diagnosed with hip joint asymmetry. She was treated with Dévény-exercises till her age of 7 months, when the physiotherapist was satisfied with the results. When she turned 9 month, our MD discovered asymmetrical thigh creases that can suggest hip dislocation. Then we asked for an appointment with you. Right after the first treatment my little girl's creases went even. We are so happy and grateful. Thank you very much.
Mihalik Ildikó

Suffering from panic attacks I have been desperately looking for the solution of alternative medicine to get rid of this horrible condition which effectively made me house bound. I have tried homeopathy and some other methods, but I felt I need something more effective. A documentary about CranioSacral Therapy on TV has caught my attention. It was after that I started to look for a craniosacral therapist in Hungary, and I have found Orsolya, who with her professional attitude and enthusiasm has given me hope. After the 3rd session life put both of us to the test; a test I have never dreamt of. I went for a holiday with my family. Even traveling by car meant a challenge, as I have experienced panic attacks when sitting in my car in the traffic jam.

I would have never dared to travel by plane, as the most severe attack hit me during a flight. However, my father had an accident during our holiday, and carrying him back was possible only by plane. On the top of all that there were not enough seats on board, so I had to sit in the cockpit! At my greatest surprise there was no panic attack, not when the accident happened, nor during the journey. Nothing at all! After several treatments I fell better and better. I suffered no more panic attacks. I am able to undertake all of the activities I used to, take part in social events, plan longer trips which I wouldn’t have been able to even consider before. I feel that I have got my life back. Thank you so much!

Anikó, Budapest

I have been suffering with SPA (Bechterew) syndrome for more than 20 years. I have tried many therapies, methods, techniques, western and eastern medicine as well. All of them could help a little, but only CranioSacral Therapy has made an immediate and profound effect on my health. I have received the first CST session in the USA, and I was immediately looking for the opportunity to continue treatments in Hungary. I was really happy to find Orsolya, but I was also surprised to find out that she is the only highly educated craniosacral therapist with an Upledger diploma in Hungary.

After the first treatment I was very happy, because beside the great session I got to know a very nice and hones person. I continue to come weakly for treatments, and even though Orsi’s style is very straight-forward sometimes, it only made me good to take her advices. (Undeniably I should still improve my skill to follow advices.) Thank you very much, Orsi.

Balázs György Nagy